X820 industry-class UAV

Designer : Zhejiang Hovfree Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. / Industrial Design Center of Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. —— Ye Lingxiao, Chen Li, Li He (Hangzhou, China)



Our X820 UAV is the first one to adopt carbon fiber body in the industry. The lightweight structure realizes high load, while the streamline body design decreases wind drag and increases flying efficiency to the utmost. Its tailor-made high performance dynamical system makes it fly at the working temperature from -20℃ to 60℃ and patrol within a radius wider than 10km in the harsh environmental conditions at an altitude up to 5 km. X820 adopts dual mode navigation of GPS and Beidou, realizing hovering accuracy at the centimeter level. The whole body also adopts a unique easy-to-dismount and easy-to-carry design, which makes it convenient to carry and just takes only 10 seconds to get ready and take off.




Chen Li is a senior designer, and an R & D technical expert and design team manager of Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. He is a member of the China Industrial Design Association, a leader of a provincial industrial design center, and visiting professor and master supervisor at the Dalian Polytechnic University. From 2011 to 2017, the industrial design center of Dahua led by him was awarded dozens of design awards such as the Red Dot Award, the iF Award, the China Good Design Award, the Successful Design award and the Mayor Cup. In 2012, the column of “I Am in the Forefront of Scientific Development” of the City Express newspaper and the August issue of the Vogue Health magazine had coverage of his story.

Ye Lingxiao is the industrial design leader of Zhejiang Hovfree Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd


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