Skyworth - S9A OLED TV

Designer : Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, China)



Skyworth - S9A OLED TV is a product with audio and visual experience as good as the cinema. The design of no-stand and tilting back by five degrees guarantees the optimum viewing effect. The frameless suspended OLED full screen makes color reduction and visual experience better. The linen cloth on the sound bar makes the tone better and the TV more compatible with household furnishing.





Working for Skyworth Group, Skyworth Industrial Design Institute establishes the company’s team of global product strategy research and design, and develops a design strategy that meets the company's vision and mission. Using design as an innovative solution to business problems, the institute brings more healthy and wonderful technology products to consumers. It has been approved as a national, provincial and municipal industrial design center, and has won numerous awards in many domestic and international design and creative events, such as the iF Award, the Red Dot Award, the G-mark, the IDEA Award, the China Excellent Industrial Design and the Red Star Design Award.



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