KANDAO Obsidian 3D VR Camera

Designer : JU&KE Creative Design (France/Belgium) / Kandao Technology Co., Ltd.




The Obsidian camera by Kandao Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional VR camera designed by JU & KE Creative Design. It can shoot stereoscopic 360-degree photos and videos up to 8K resolution. The camera has a very elegant design language inspired by wellknown common photography equipment. Its good-textured plastic shell, metal touch and brass embellishment all express very modern overall aesthetics. The camera won the Best of Innovation Award in the digital imaging product category at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas and the German Design Award in 2018. At the same time, it is also one of the VR cameras highly praised by Brian Cabral, director of VR engineering for Facebook. Obsidian has six fisheye lenses to capture a 360-degree three-dimensional view that is fully immersive. There are two models of the camera. Obsidian R has the priority of 8K videos, with 30 frames per second. Obsidian S focuses on the rate of each frame, and can shoot videos of 4K resolution at a high speed of 120 frames per second. Each model has three different video modes that allow you to shoot RAW videos and DNG photos. Only a 3D 360-degree panorama video can give a true sense of immersion, a key to bringing the virtual reality world to its audience. Kandao Technology’s Obsidian camera utilizes a deep-learning stitching method, automatically generating high quality stereoscopic panoramas.




JU&KE Creative Design Studio was co-founded in Shenzhen in 2016, by two young and talented designers, Julien Gueuning and Christophe Branchu (Ke-Duo). They decided to create a design studio focused on helping Chinese companies develop stronger international recognition through design. Before starting our own studio, Julien and Christophe had extensive experience working with various international companies, gaining international exposure and reputation.

We launched our studio with two missions in September of 2016. Our first focus is to cooperate with Chinese technology companies, supporting their product design and visual identity to help them successfully move to the global market. Our second focus is to have more cooperation with the Chinese market itself, mixing our international background with local cultural elements along the way.

To implement our missions, we developed three main services: Industrial Design, Visual Identity and Space Design. Supporting this wide range of services, was originally only the two founders, now in 2018 the team is comprised of eight members. JU&KE moved into our own office in Upperhills,  located in Futian, central Shenzhen. In less than two years, JU&KE studio has gathered international recognition through design and innovation awards in USA, Europe and China, including CES Best Innovation Award 2017, three CES Asia Awards 2017, German Design Award 2018, IF Award 2018, Shenzhen Global Design Silver Award 2017 and Design Intelligence Award Excellence 2018.


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