ESUN Smart Anti-Snoring Mat

Designer : Li Wei (Guangzhou, China)



Snoring is not a sign of a good night's sleep. It not only disturbs the family, causes thirst during sleep, but may also signal a serious chronic sleep disorder - obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS). According to medical data, the prevalence of the disease is as high as 4 percent, while about 50 million people snore in China. The symptoms include memory loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, daytime sleepiness and nighttime hypoxia. Today's solutions for snoring, including ventilators, surgeries and braces, all affect the user's sleep comfort. Therefore, the market needs an effective and comfortable product to fill this gap.


Causes of snoring: The nature of snoring is a narrow airway. When the air flow passes through, it causes the soft tissue to vibrate and make sounds. In severe cases, the respiratory passage may collapse or block, resulting in lack of oxygen during sleep and triggering a series of symptoms. According to medical research, breathing is smoother in the side recumbent position, and the ventilation is significantly improved compared with the supine position, with the number of apneas dropping by 45 to 63.4 percent, and the snoring noise reduced and weakened.


Product principle: The Smart Anti-Snoring Mat is aproduct designed to improve snoring based on the principle of side reclining. It consists of a control center that monitors the snoring sound and an inflatable mat that guides the user to lie on his side. There are two airbags in the inflatable mat. When the control center detects snoring, the airbag in the mat will inflate and lead the user to lie on his side to improve the snoring sound, which is quiet and comfortable without affecting the user's sleep quality.


Design features:

1) Compared to ventilators and other products that deal with snoring, the ESUN Smart Anti-Snoring Mat does not need to be worn on the body and are more comfortable and natural.

2) As part of the bedding, the product adopts a main color of natural gray, which is elegant and durable.

3) It is small and portable, and can be folded for travel. The roommate will no longer worry about being disturbed by thunderous snoring.

4) The 12V operating voltage is safe for humans, and the inflatable mat contains no electronic components.

5) Its quiet operation, with a work volume less than 40db, makes you unable to feel its existence.

6) The ESUN app monitors the snoring improvement every day. Through cloud sharing, your family can also learn about your snoring improvement.



Li Wei (English name: Will), male,

29 years old. He graduated from the interaction design major of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and is currently engaged in designrelated work, including product design, graphic design,interactive design, streaming media, user research, market analysis, and manufacturing, among others.

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