Public buildings & facilities

General, including community buildings, institutional buildings, administration buildings, monuments, religious buildings, schools & universities, etc.

Infrastructure, including airports, bus stations, parking facilities, port facilities, railway stations, etc.

Cultural and sports amenities, including stadiums, arenas, libraries, museums, theaters, opera houses, concert halls, training centers, conference centers, etc.


Urban & Landscape

Urban and landscape planning, public facilities, public playing equipment, outdoor areas, public revitalization or restoration projects, etc.


Public Exhibition & Installation

Includes architecture and installation (digital, interactive, bricks-and-mortar etc.) in public exhibition and public spaces etc.



Public and Cultural Spaces

Public hospitals, shared spaces, stadiums, schools, churches, museums, concert halls, theatres & opera houses, bookstores, etc.


Commercial spaces

Shopping malls, shopping centres, retail stores & exclusive shops, marketing centres, hotels, private clinics, etc.


Leisure spaces

Resort hotels, resort villages, B&Bs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.


Offices & Accommodation

Office buildings for large entreprises, commercial buildings, studios, apartments, villas, housing mockups, etc.


Industrial & Product


Including 3C products & accessories (computer, communication & consumer electronics), gaming devices & accessories, VR devices & accessories, etc.


Automobiles & Vehicles

Including cars, ships / boats / yachts, trains, airplanes, accessories & devices, entertainment systems, etc.


Sports & Leisure

Including sports equipment, fitness and activity trackers, outdoor products, hiking gear, bicycles & accessories, musical instruments, pet products, etc.


Babies & Kids

Including all products for babies and kids, lifestyle accessories for children and babies, playground equipment, kitchen aids, toys, school essentials, teaching supplies, etc.



Including lounge furnishings, office accessories, office equipment, stationary, etc.



Including lamps, built-in lighting, ceiling lighting, decorative lighting, mobile lighting, outdoor lamps, construction lighting, solar-powered lamps, guidance systems, etc.



Including kitchen appliances, household appliances, cookware and tableware, home furniture, bath and sanitary wares, gardening tools, etc.


Medicine & Health

Including assisted living products & technology, clinical and laboratory equipment, medical / healthcare devices & equipment, skincare devices, etc.



Including autonomous mobile robots, exploration robots, humanoid robots, industrial robots, medical robots, service robots, toy robots, robotic components, etc.


Service Design

Including projects that optimize a service for customers/users regarding their needs in life, service and consumption. The project can be an improvement of an existing service or development of a new service. Design challenges, processes and outcomes must be included in the presentation of the entry, including specific measures and service design methods to solve the problem.




including men’s apparel, women’s apparel, children’s apparel, homewear, lingerie, functional apparel, e.g. safety clothing & personal protective equipment design, clothing for special needs (for elderly, disabled, infant), uniform & occasion apparel, etc.



including belts, bridal fashion, jewelry, eyewear, watch, gloves, hair accessories, hats & caps, mobile & tablets accessories, scarf, footwear, smart accessories, swimwear & accessories, wallets & purses, etc.


Bags & luggage

including handbags, schoolbags, suitcases, backpacks, travelling bags, briefcases, camera bags, carrier bags, dry bags, etc.



Identity & Branding

Including corporate design & identity, brand design & identity, etc.



Including digital Campaigns, direct marketing, image campaigns, integrated campaigns, out-of-home & ambient, print campaigns, promotions, social campaigns, product and advertising brochures, POS advertising, content marketing, etc.


Including packaging of CDs & LPs, fashion, beverages, food, beauty, health, household, leisure, lifestyle, consumer electronics, etc.


Publishing & Print Media

Including books, brochures, calendars, cards & flyers, magazines, annual reports and other publications, etc.



Including advertising illustrations, cover illustrations, editorial illustrations.



Including art posters, events & exhibitions, infographic posters, poster series.


Typography & Signage

Including pictograms, signets, signage, symbols, wayfinding, orientation systems, brochures & catalogues, books & covers, film titles, information systems, etc.


New Media

Including E-Commerce, E-magazine, E-paper, landing pages, microsites, news portals, newsletters, online platforms, online shops, social media, corporate websites, public service websites, community / networking websites, App, etc.


Interface & User Experience Design

Including operating systems, screen design, smart home solutions, user Interfaces, virtual reality, wearable technology solutions, etc.


Film and Animation

Including documentaries, film craft, image films, movie openers, videos, online films, short films, station IDs, trailers, TV commercials, visual effects, motion graphic, etc.