Awards : Bronze Award

Category : Industrial & Product

Designer : Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd. —— Li Xiaowen, Yu Xintong, Zhou Jinye,He Fang, Zhang Fan (Suzhou, China)



The UNIBOT is a smart home robot developed according to the household services concept to meet the diverse demands of the users.

This robot is composed of four modules: floor cleaning, smart housekeeping, air purification, and air humidification. To meet the diverse demands of the users, the smart housekeeping module can be used in combination with the floor cleaning module, and users can achieve remote household appliance control, video monitoring, smart security, and task appointment via the app. The air purification module and the air humidification module may be used in combination with the floor cleaning module respectively to cruise through the entire house for in-depth air purification or humidification, expanding the scope of application. Each module may also be used independently so that users may achieve multiple tasks at once. The users’ perfect experiences will fully demonstrate the brand concept of “Live Smart. Enjoy Life.”


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