The competition is open to individual designers and teams.

Entries must be works that are complete, (in the case of commercial products) in the market, being mass-produced, or functional prototypes that can be displayed before preliminary evaluation. Entries must be completed between 1st January 2015 and 28th February 2018.

Models, renderings, conceptual works, show flats, prototypes, artists' impressions of designs, designs that are still under development are not eligible as entries.

The entry must be submitted by the design's owner or client, the brand's owner, its designer or its design consultancy.

For the first edition in 2017, we welcome industrial and product designs in the following categories.

Information & Communications Technology Products

Computers and information technology, Computer accessories, Communication devices, Camera & camcorder, Audio & Visual Products, Smart devices, etc.

Leisure & Entertainment Products

Entertainment technology devices, Gifts & crafts, Outdoor, Leisure & sports, Games & hobby product design, etc.

Household Appliances

Living room / bedroom, Kitchen / dinning, Bathrooms / spas, Electronic products, etc.

Home ware

Tableware and decoration, Lighting, Furniture / home textiles, etc.

Professional & Commercial Products

Vehicles(land, water, aerospace), Medicine / health care, Special vehicles / construc- tion, Agriculture, Electronic devices, etc.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions of SDA 2017 below carefully. By entering this competition, entrants declare that they agree to all these articles.

  • All entries must meet moral and ethical standard accepted world-wide, and be in accordance with the theme, purposes, and regulations of thisAward. The Secretariat reserves the right to refuse to accept entries which it considers do not meet these standards.
  • The Entrant hereby acknowledges and warrants that the Entrant is the sole owner of the Design and owns all rights including but not limited to copyright, design rights and all other proprietary and intellectual property rights in or pertaining to the Design. Any infringement would result in immediate disqualification of the entrant and total withdrawal of his or her entries. SDPA should be indemnified against all actions, claims, loss, damages, costs and expense which it may incur or has incurred as a result of any infringement.
  • The Entrant hereby represents and warrants that the Design is original and independently created and does not infringe, breach, prejudice or violate the property, interests or rights (including but not limited to contractual rights, user rights, copyright, design rights, patents and all other proprietary and intellectual property rights whether registered or otherwise) of any third party. The Entrant agrees to fully indemnify SDPA against all actions, claims, loss, damages, costs and expenses which it may incur or has incurred as a result of any breach of this representation or warranty. Should it prove in retrospect that a registered or even awarded entrant breaches third-party rights, SDPA reserves the right to disqualify the entrant and revoke the relevant award. The above liability provisions apply accordingly to all items supplied by SDPA in connection with the Entrant's participation in theAward.
  • The Entrant hereby grants, on a gratuitous basis free of any fee, royalty or remuneration, to SDPA, the organizer of SDA, the right or license to use, edit, amend, copy, reproduce or publish in any size the Design (which includes but is not limited to drawings, artworks, photographs, images, sketches, transparencies, sculptures, models, prototypes, and printed or digital materials) submitted for theAward or any part thereof in the promotional/exhibition materials or any publications in any media or medium related to the Award.[1]
  • The Jury will have the right to determine the number of winners; and the right not to name a winner for any of the awards. The Entrant agrees that the decisions of the Jury will be final. No appeal will be entertained.
  • SDPA reserves the right to cancel, in part or in whole, postpone or bring forward theAward for any reason and is not obliged to reimburse entrants for any expenses related to such cancellation. While actual works can be returned upon requests with entrants covering all relevant costs, all submitted material(s) relating to theAward will not be returned.
  • The Winner of theAward agrees that his/her winning design will be displayed in such exhibitions at the decision of SDPA for a period of  minimum one year subsequent to the competition, and agrees to provide information as requested by SDPA about the winning design for future activities, including but not limited to reports, publicity, marketing and exhibitions.
  • The Winner of theAwardagrees to cooperate with SDPA to promote theAward and play active role in relevant promotional activities in the future upon request.
  • The entrant agrees to obtain approval by SDPA beforehand on using the endorsement mark in printing.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and local laws of the City of Shenzhen. Any claim or dispute must be determined exclusively by the courts in the City of Shenzhen.
  • These terms and conditions are prepared in both English and Chinese languages. If there is any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Personal Data Protection
All personal information submitted will solely be used for the Awardpurposes. The entrants preserve the rights regarding access to and correction of personal data provided for nomination.

Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
Entrants are reminded that it is an offense to offer any advantages (e.g. money, gift, etc.) to the organizer, an employee of the organizer, supporting units or the Jurors as an inducement to or reward for favorable considerations.

Optional materials requirement and arrangement

  • Photos: All photos should be uploaded on theAward website. Maximum 10 photos for each item submitted. All photos should be in JPEG format, over 300dpi and no more than 1024*768 pixels each. MUST be actual photos without special effects.
  • PPT files: Maximum 10 slices for each item submitted and should be uploaded on the website.
  • Video: Maximum 5 minutes, MP4 format only, must be recorded on a DVD and DVD only, before shipping to the Secretariat. Unoriginal scores or music must come with copyright authorization.
  • Animation and other program files: Must be recorded on a DVD and DVD only, before shipping to the Secretariat.
  • Display board: NOT bigger than 90cm x 120cm.